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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A heavenly walk in Maratea

This 21m statue of 'Jesus Christ the Redeemer' was commissioned in the 60s by a well-travelled, and rich Italian who was clearly impressed by the one in Rio. Cleverly done as, from below, it looks as if it's spreading its arms over the town but it's actually facing away from the drop.
It's the season for wild poppies here & their jaunty little heads add such beautiful flashes of fiery colour to cornfields and seascapes.

My first glimpse of the extraordinary raised road, also built in the 60s at the same time as the statue, looming eerily through the low-lying clouds.
 Praise be for the low clouds - these shots wouldn't have been nearly as mysterious without them!
 On the road to oblivion?

 Another perky poppy, glowing in the dusk.
 And, finally, after a good hour-plus walk, on top of the world...

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