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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Glimpses of Goa

Impressions of India - 1:

I’m currently travelling for 3 months in India, from Goa to Kerala and then Rajasthan, with a pretty hot and hectic schedule of boutique hotel reviews. The galleries below are my online photojournalist diary of scenes caught, people met and things found along the way. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did and am still.

Glimpses of Goa:

A very Goan image – fallen frangipani blossoms in dappled sand

It’s apparently hotter than Goan-normal for this time of year, which made the Vivenda dos Palhacos  pool a delicious godsend

A crumbling-verandahs palace in the dry & dappled palm woods of Majorda, where I stayed for 4 days with my friend Lottie, co-owner of Vivenda, at the start of my trip.

Fresh shark at Zeebops by empty white sands

Rubbish can be seen all over Goa, as can resting shoes

On a 5.5hr 3-local-buses journey from Margao to Morjim - a young family kindly agreed to my sign-language request to take a picture of them at Mapusa ('Mapsa'), before our bus conductor cheerfully squeezed 30 more passengers on.

More rubbish, at dusk arrival in Morjim, though this pig family was clearly loving it. It stems from the old Asian practice of chucking away (what used to be) leaf plates and clay cups, & lots of 'Clean Goa, Green Goa', 'Strictly No Dumping of Rubbish' billboard signs have yet to make a dent in the habit.

Next post:
Just a night and a day on pretty Palolem beach


  1. Great evocative post Cathy - I look forward to reading more tales and viewing the accompanying pictures!

  2. Sounds like the whole adventure has started off wonderfully well in the multicoloured spectrum of life in Goa. Looking forward to the next instalment. Rxxx

  3. I really like the picture of the couple with the baby. They only look about sixteen!


  4. Jo Nogueira said...

    I'm left feeling optimistic and rejuvenated after reading your first India blog. Indians are quite something and I suspect you will will have plenty of incredible interactions along the way.

  5. Hi Cathy, been following your trip with interest, sorry I haven't commented for a while. Nice shots, like the ones about the plastic non-degradable trash. I've been in Dubai, now in South Africa doing promo filming, back 9th July. Gareth x