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Monday, 22 March 2010

Just a night and a day on pretty Palolem Beach

Impressions of India - 2:

I’m currently travelling for 3 months in India, from Goa to Kerala and then Rajasthan, with a pretty hot and hectic schedule of boutique hotel reviews. The galleries below are my online photojournalist diary of scenes caught, people met and things found along the way. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did and am still.

Just a night and a day on pretty Palolem beach:

This seemed wonderfully Indian – possible, like a cheap room, but don’t count on it.

Palolem Beach is famous and popular as a chilled-out tourist destination, and its picturesque crescent looks just beautiful when almost empty and seen in the rapidly-changing, soft dawn light.

 A fair few early morning joggers, power-walkers and dippers were loving it too.

The colourful beach shacks have all the fun and romance of treehouse-living 
and their floors bounce underfoot.

 It’s still a working fishing beach, though the boats are few and there’s no smell or mess.

 People played as the sun sank.

Then a golden sunset appeared. It took quite a few determined attempts to nail this lovely moment.

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  1. stamps possible... ambiguity perfectly captured. liked the serenity offered by the other images..

  2. Andrew Scott-Bolton said...

    Great blog, and some beautiful pics. Boy does it sound like a different India to the one I know!

  3. I Like it all. I want to go everywhere in India. And I like all your photos. Make sure there's some fur cones in India, if there's not tell the Mayor of India.
    From Sarah

  4. Thanks little Sarah - though are you working backwards? Palolem is only no.2....

    Big hug little girl, Cathyxx